Monday, November 22, 2010

Arguing With INTUITION

Busily planting daffodil bulbs in the newly turned earth I was rudely interrupted by a voice telling me to go back to the house. 

I glanced over at the house wondered what it was all about, then went back to my bulb-planting.

Moving along to a new section of the garden, I again heard the words, “go to the house Jo”.  I resisted, determined to plant my bulbs.

The voice became insistent and I became all the more intent on my chore, ignoring the growing urgency in the message.  I stood up, turned and said out-loud that I would go back to the house when I’d finished, and not before. 

I stopped pretty much mid-sentence and found myself looking at the house … just looking.  All seemed fine … what was the urgency?

Without being fully aware of my actions, I found myself just about being physically frog-marched towards the house, still wondering what the drama was all about. 

Opening the sliding door I was confronted by a wall of acrid smoke.  The quilt drying on a rack near the fireplace had toppled over, falling directly onto the firebox.  The synthetic fibres had melted and were on the verge of sparking flames. 
I grabbed the quilt and threw it outside, still smouldering, and opened all the doors and windows to air out the house.

Disaster averted …

  …. but had I not actually taken heed of the ‘messages’, eventhough I didn’t understand the meaning or reason at the time, I would have lost my house and everything in it.

The moral of the story is to ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION.


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  1. That's what I tell my children all the time -- Always listen to your intuition. It's the only thing that will save you.