Saturday, October 23, 2010

Some People Don't Like To Hear The Truth

Karen pounced on my car as I parked out the front of the primary school to pick up my kids.  She rapped incessantly on the windscreen before I’d even had the chance to turn off the engine.  Unbuckling my seatbelt, the door suddenly flew open, Karen just about blocking me into my seat.  I sat there in shock for a moment, my mouth hanging open I’m sure.
“I heard you’re a psychic” she stated.  No hello. No introduction. Nothing.
“Ahh yeah,” I replied, a little taken aback.
I’d seen Karen around the schoolyard for at least the past three years or so, but never had she acknowledged my existence in any way, even on the odd occasion when I’d seen her in the hallway or playground and would nod, smile or say hello to her.  She’d ignored me totally.
Now here she stood, way too close to me, demanding my immediate and undivided attention.
“Well I want you to tell me something” Karen stated.
“Ok ...” I replied, “you want me to TELL you something?”
“Yep.  I want you to tell me when my ex-boyfriend Phillip will be getting back with me.”
I knew instantly that this Phillip person would NEVER be getting back with her.  In fact, I was given the strong impression that he was quite relieved to be out of the relationship and away from her once and for all.  I was also shown him happy with a new partner in his life.
Breaking it to Karen as gently as possible, I told her that Phillip would not be returning to her, but that she should look forward to a new, more suited partner whom I was shown entering her life within the year.  I advised her to take the lessons of her previous relationship and be grateful for them; to let go of her ex-boyfriend to allow both of them to be free to heal; and to look forward to a happy and secure future with a wonderful partner, just around the corner.
“BULLSHIT!” she spat.
I didn’t respond at all, so she let out in a rush “the first time he left me I saw a psychic lady in town and she told me that he would be coming back to me.  And he did.”  She looked at me triumphantly, as though she’d proven something.  She then went on to describe how she’d manipulated her (poor) ex-boyfriend to the point where he’d felt he had no choice but to come back to her.  She’d even threatened suicide if he didn’t return. 
Now it seems he’d left her yet again.
“He won’t be coming back to you.”  I stated plainly.
“Oh what would you know anyway!” She stated, looking me up and down with disdain.  “The last three psychics I’ve been to have told me the same thing!  And you’re all wrong!  I wanna know when Phillip is coming back to me and when we’re getting married!  I don’t want to hear that other crap!!”
My young daughters had arrived at the car by that time and just stood silently by, half frightened by Karen’s attitude and energy, wondering why this strange woman was blocking their mother in the car and what she was ranting about.
I just about had to push Karen out of the way in order to get out of my car, Karen belligerently taking a few steps backwards, allowing me to put my kids in the backseat.  Once she realized I really wasn’t going to tell her what she wanted to hear, she turned abruptly and took off without another word.  No thank you.  No goodbye.  Nothing.
Of course I saw Karen around the school over the following two years or so, but she’d gone back to ignoring my existence.
This really bothered me at the time, but many, many similar instances have presented since, in person, print and email.  I realize its all part of the job and not to take it personally. I know part of the lesson for me is about ‘discernment’.  
Because of my ‘lightworking’ and humanitarian nature and life purpose, I am one who compulsively feels the need to help others (when needed, not imposed). My life and choices have brought me into contact with the angels of the earth; the most beautiful of human souls  -  but it also attracts those who would take quick advantage at every opportunity.  The lesson for me is in listening to my intuition and inner voice in regards to who’s who, then living and working accordingly – not allowing others to distort or disturb my equilibrium, personal truths and values.
Not everyone may like the messages they receive, but remember, ‘don’t shoot the messenger.’


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  1. I found this too be true. People ask but they don't want the truth, they want confirmation of what they want to hear to be true. There are many blessings that come with your gift, yet it takes a strong person to honor the gift. Learning not to take things personally and strong boundaries are yor gifts to yourself. The truth can't always be heard.

  2. The pure truth !!! People don't like to hear the truth, strangely!!! ♡♡♡
    Keep up the great work!!!
    Love and Light to all !!!

  3. Can someone help me. About 5 years ago I had so much stress at work it made me so physically sick my doctor wanted to hospitalize me. I feel at that time I have lost all my spirit inside me. I have longed felt I'm a gypsy soul..... now without feeling... will I ever find love and happiness again

    1. All this means is you’ve taken a detour from your true Spirit. We all have a purpose! Start following your gut/your intuition and your situation and spirit will find peace. You can do this.

  4. Hi, Im hoping to find help regarding my mother who passed away on the 16th of April 2017 of Liver Cancer. Im not even sure what answers Im looking and where to get help to make peace with the fact thats how life works and I know shes in heaven. But its like I cant accept it. I really feel I must connect with her in some way ... should I go see a physic? I dont know what to do.... can someone help me please???